Alex Schroeder from “Destination Fear” Age, Wiki Biography

Who is Alex Schroeder?

Alex Schroeder is a modern generation cinematographer famous for his works in the TV series Destination Fear. This young talent and future chief of the photographer crew has the great potential necessary for the entertainment industry. (simpleeverydaymom) Although Alex does not perform on screen, he has many other significant tasks behind the screens.

Furthermore, the veteran cinematographer has his fanbase and community before his work from Destination Fear. Alex’s unbelievable camera angles and proper lightings make the show even more entertaining. This is why Alex’s fans get inspired by his camera work and want to learn more about the veteran’s view.

Early Life and Education

Alex Schroeder is indeed an American who was born in Lakeville town at Minnesota state. The Lakeville native spent his childhood days at his birthplace with his family. Furthermore, Alex is the son of Steve Schroeder, his father, and Shawn McNab, his mother. Unfortunately, Alex’s exact birth date might not be available, but he was born in 1994. Thus, this makes Alex 27 years old as of 2021.


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As for Alex’s family, he was born in a massive family of seven. Alex has a total of four siblings, including three sisters and a brother. Alex Schroeder’s sisters are Jordan Flynn, Gabriel Schroeder, Katelyn McNab, and his brother’s name is Tishan Abrams. However, out of them all, Katelyn turns out to be Alex’s half-sister. The fact that Alex has a half-sibling would mean that his parents might have divorced, or Katelyn must be Alex’s mother-child from a previous relationship.

As for the 27-year-old’s education and academic records, Alex completed Lakeville South High School in 2012. After that, Alex attended North Dakota State University for his bachelor’s degree.


After spending his precious time with his family in Lakeville, Minnesota, Alex went to Las Vegas in Nevada to start his professional life. Not much is available about Alex’s initial journey, as he spent most of his time without a spotlight.

Nonetheless, Alex got himself in the camera crew on Ghost Adventures in 2008 and in Virginia, Minnesota in 2018.

However, Alex’s major break came after being given the job as a cinematographer of Destination Fear. Alex’s work came to everyone’s attention since the debut of the famous TV series. The show also includes Alex’s fellow Lakeville natives, so he had no problem adapting with them. Alex saw himself working with Chelsea, Dakota, and Tanner on the set since they had built their chemistry from childhood.

Alex Schroeder of Ghost Adventurous and Destination fear
Cast Member and Cameraman, Alex Schroeder with his team of Destination fear.

Now the team of Destination Fear actively goes on hunting missions to investigate the abandoned places in U.S. Alex’s job is to capture the unscripted moments of the lead trio spending the night at the paranormal location.

Currently, Destination Fear is still running on the Travel Channel, with Alex as the cameraman and cast member.

Alex Schroeder Net Worth

The 27-year-old cameraman has seen a lot of success lately, ever since his breakthrough work. As a professional cinematographer, Alex Schroeder now has an estimated net worth of $350k as of 2021. Indeed, as a paranormal investigator and camera director, Alex’s wealth is going to increase more.


As for Alex’s appearance, the 27-year-old has short blonde hair with attractive facial features and brown eyes. Furthermore, Alex appears to be the tallest among the team, with a height of 6 feet 4 inches, weighing about 83 kg. Similarly, Alex’s body measurement reads 29, 23, and 33 inches.

Alex Schroeder Marriage Life

The Destination Fear’s cinematographer doesn’t seem to have a love life with another woman. But what’s disappointing is that Alex has not shared any of the past relationship histories with his fans.

Some speculate that Alex might be dating his co-worker Chelsea Laden as the two spent some intimate time in the hot springs of Montana. Moreover, Alex and Chelsea had kind words for one another as well.

Alex Schroeder taking selfie with Chelsea Laden
Alex Schroeder and Chelsea Laden.

But as it turns out, Chelsea is already dating another man. Hence, this puts an end to any rumor between Alex and her.

Perhaps Alex is occupied with his profession at this time and is not dating anyone. Alex has not also posted a single picture of him and his date.

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