Is Amy Allan Medium Real? Weight Loss & Tattoos

Amy Allan, well recognized as medium Amy Allan, is the star of the reality TV show, The Dead Files. This show depicts the combination of supernatural power with real-life police investigations. In the show, Amy amazes the audience by solving haunted house riddles or paranormal activities. She solves the mystery using her ability to talk to the dead. The so-called psychic and medium Amy Allan has gone beyond the logic of regular people. Thus, she has earned a lot of critics too.

In the article, we will dive into the life of an actress, medium, and star, Amy Allan. We will dig into her controversy, net worth, tattoo, weight loss, and so on.

Amy Allan as a Medium

Amy was born on 31 May 1973 in Denver, Colorado, USA, and graduated in psychology. However, she claimed to have psychic power from her early life. Later she sharpened her psychic ability after meeting with Dr. William Roll, an American psychologist, and parapsychologist.

Amy Allen, star of Dead files
Amy Allen, the star of the reality TV show, The Dead Files.

Initially, she worked in minor roles. Later, because of her self-proclaimed supernatural ability, she got the leading role in The Dead Files. The show made her psychic ability famous. Eventually, she rose to stardom. Therefore, people began to recognize her as a medium Amy Allan. The show featured Amy using her supernatural ability to see and communicate with the disembodied being. Even though it seems unscientific and illogical, most people enjoy it. Thus, the success of the show helped it go up to 13 seasons.

Is Amy Allan Real?

To date, there is no substantial proof of her psychic ability. It is the working model of the show which tries to make it look logical. The show features former NYPD officer Steve Dischiavi as a suspicious character. His job is to emphasize being logical and reject paranormal activities.


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Therefore, the officer and Amy do their investigation independently without any contact. The officer does his interrogation and evidence-based research. At the same time, Amy uses her psychic ability to communicate with souls and solve the mystery. Finally, in the end, both leading characters show their findings. Interestingly, Amy’s hypothesis matches Steve’s evidence, proving her psychic power in every episode. ( The show claims to investigate unknown terrain after clients call them to analyze the paranormal activities. Most of the time, she even draws the face of souls with the help of a sketch artist. Amazingly the sketch matches with the photos of the dead collected by the officer.

Thus there are lots of events where critics try to pressure the show. Critics often report that Amy’s investigation is less focused than the officer’s. They also blame Steve for being a believer in witchcraft instead of being skeptical. But none of these things has bothered the show. Thus, whether Amy is honest or not is still not backed by any evidence.

Weight Loss

Back in 2016, Amy was dealing with some weight gain issues. She mentioned on Twitter how she gained weight. This also made her double chins come back. In 2021, her weight is estimated to be around 140-155 pounds.

Net Worth

According to the report, Amy’s assets and liabilities are not accurately available publicly. However, her success and popularity have earned her a lot of income and followers on social media. The self-claimed Psychic, Medium, and TV celebrity’s net worth is guessed to be over $17 million.


Amy is not a trendy tattoo follower. She loves tattoos that represent a deep meaning. She has two hello kitty tattooed, which shows her love towards the cats. With 5’4″ height and multiple tattoos, she looks naturally beautiful.


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