Ghost Nation Cast: Season, Real or Fake?

Ghost Nation is a reality TV show that is mainly about the investigation of paranormal activities. The first-ever episode aired on October 11, 2019, on the Travel Channel. The stars of the show are Steve Gonsalves, Shari DeBenedetti, Dave Tango, and Jason Hawes.

In January 2021, Ghost Nation transferred to a new network, specifically Discovery +.

Ghost Nation Cast

The majority of the cast of Ghost Nation are members of T.A.P.S., a paranormal investigation group that Jason Hawes founded. Later on, Hawes, together with Tango and Gonsalves, founded the United Paranormal Research Organization or UPRO. The organization aims to assist independent paranormal investigators who are having difficulties with their cases. They respond to pleas for help from locations all over the United States. UPRO administers to a vast network of paranormal investigators from all over the globe.

Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes is a former plumber and the co-founder of T.A.P.S or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. His first paranormal investigation television show was Ghost Hunters, which first aired in 2004. He starred alongside T.A.P.S. co-founder Grant Wilson. However, in 2019 Hawes departed from Ghost Hunters to star in his show. Jason Hawes starred in the new show Ghost Nation and the other former cast members of Ghost Hunters, namely Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. Hawes is the lead investigator on Ghost Nation. The team uses state-of-the-art equipment to investigate paranormal activity in various locations across the United States.

Ghost hunters, Jason Hawes
The co-founder of T.A.P.S, Jason Hawes.

Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves used to be a member of the police force. In addition, he is also a lecturer, paranormal expert, and author. Dr. William G. Roll, the famed poltergeist and paranormal expert, is his mentor in the field of paranormal science. He first became famous for being a cast member of the hit show Ghost Hunters. Later on, he joined Jason Hawes in the show Ghost Nation. His police background has helped immensely in their investigations. In addition, Gonsalves is also an executive producer, and one of his projects is the short film The Captured Bird. He worked with famous director Guillermo del Torro in the film.

Ghost Hunters, Steve Gonsalves
Steve Gonsalves, the famed poltergeist and paranormal expert.

Dave Tango

Dave Tango is the tech expert in the show Ghost Nation. The paranormal investigation team uses very high-tech equipment to investigate their cases. They use technology to prove or debunk the presence of supernatural entities in their cases. The most renowned experts trained Dave Tango in the field of paranormal science. He uses his training and expertise in problem-solving to determine if there is indeed a presence of ghosts. The team does not enter a location, assuming right away that there is paranormal activity. In some instances, the questionable activity is just caused by an animal or the wind.

Paranormal Investigator, Dave Tango
Dave Tango, the tech expert in the show Ghost Nation.

Shari DeBendenetti

Shari DeBendenetti was a former cast member of Ghost Hunters, but she left after two years. In addition, Shari is also a real estate agent working under J. Bennett & Company. At 25 years old, she experienced some supernatural activity in her home, which encouraged her to form a team with her friends. Her team investigated reports of paranormal activity within her hometown. Later on, she began working as a professional paranormal investigator. In 2019, Jason Hawes invited Shari DeBenedetti to become part of the second season of Ghost Nation.

Ghost Hunters, Shari Debenedetti
The former cast of Ghost Hunters, Shari Debenedetti.

Ghost Nation Fake Or Real?

The team of Ghost Nation does not arrive at the scene, assuming right away that there are ghosts. They prefer to make an objective investigation because they believe that majority of the cases brought to them are not ghost-related. Some cases can be explained by science and are far from being supernatural phenomena. This is the reason why Jason Hawes and his team of paranormal experts use high-tech equipment to prove or disprove the presence of ghosts.

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