Ghost Adventures Cast & Crews

Image of members of Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures recently began its 22nd season on a high note with the latest episode of Territorial Enterprise. With the beginning of the new season, we can say the show, which began in 2008, is not stopping anytime soon. Credit has to be given to the cast of Ghose Adventures for bringing out new heart-throbbing … Read more

Barry Fitzgerald (Investigator) Wiki, Biography, and Facts

An Irish author and a paranormal investigator, Barry Fitzgerald

Barry Fitzgerald is an Irish author and a paranormal investigator famous for his work on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International. Furthermore, the TV star has been the lead investigator in the paranormal investigative TV shows for years. Barry’s significant experience and his fantastic vision as an investigator are why he’s famous. With his impressive skills, the … Read more

Ghost Hunters Cast: Is It Fake or Real?

A paranormal reality show, Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is a paranormal reality show that originally aired on the Syfy channel from 2004 to 2016. After its original run ended, A&E revived the show in 2019 and is currently available to stream on Discovery+. What is Ghost Hunters About? Ghost Hunters starred Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, plumbers by day and paranormal … Read more

Are Ghosts Real? Do They Really Exist? Explained

Are Ghost Real?

Ghosts are the soul of the dead, usually believed to have stayed in the living realm because of their unfulfilled work or wish. We have all heard folklore since ancient times about how ghosts appeared and haunted the living. Cultures across the world believe in the existence of ghosts. Different people have different perceptions of … Read more

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