Is Dave Tango from “Ghost Hunters” Married to Wife? Net Worth, Wiki

Who is Dave Tango?

Ghost Hunters has become a major paranormal show due to various reasons. Apart from heart-stopping moments, cast members like Dave Tango are the reason for the show’s longevity.

Dave Tango is a famous American TV personality who has spent his entire life, solving mysteries revolving around paranormal activities. The mixture of Dave’s passion and knack for giving world-class entertainment since the show’s original series is what makes him and the show popular.

The current star of the Ghost Nation and former member of Ghost Hunters has a particular liking for his fanbase because of his admiration for modern technologies. Dave believes that technologies will help them bring closer to the reality of paranormal events. That is why Dave is often carrying unusual gadgets and applying them in the best way possible.

Now, with more than two decades of experience as a professional paranormal investigator, Dave Tango is indeed one of the best ghost hunters on tv.

Early Life and Education

Dave Tango is a Linden native American who celebrates his birthday on March 20. Similarly, as of 2021, Dave is 36 years old, as his birth year is 1985.

For Dave, the connection with otherworldly spirits came during childhood. In an interview with Dave, he mentioned that he had sensitive feelings with paranormal energies since a young age. Ever since childhood, Dave has wanted to do something which is entirely non-human. At some point, Dave also worked as a magician.

A famous American TV personality, Dave Tango
Dave Tango with his team of Ghost Nation and Ghost Hunters.

But as time went by, Dave began shifting his attention to abnormal activities in the world. Dave even attended The Center School, a charter school for emotionally distressed children. Though Dave had no signs of any distress, he went there anyway.

Dave Tango Net Worth

Dave Tango is one of the crucial cast members of any show that is about paranormal activity. The way Dave expresses his years of experience with this energy on live tv has made Dave a colossal star. So far, the 36-year-old has tv shows as his source of income, and he has earned very well. Most famously, Dave has made vast chunks of money from Ghost Nation and Ghost Hunters.


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According to The Net Worth Post, Dave Tango has a net worth that generally amounts to over $1 million as of early 2021. Furthermore, Dave lives at his lavish house in his hometown of New Jersey.

Marriage Life

Even after such an impressive career out of TV shows, Dave Tango still manages to keep his marriage life to himself. The media don’t have the slightest idea if Dave is in a marital relationship or not.

Indeed, before marring his career, Dave has been in a relationship with other women in past. There are still a few hints left on Dave’s social media as to his relationship.

Fans were expecting Dave to be dating someone when he posted a photo on Facebook with his mystery girlfriend. The post was on December of 10th in 2009 where Dave and his then-girlfriend were on a date at Vegas Palms Casino Playboy Tower.

Similarly, another photo captured of Dave with the same woman was a few months later in 2010, which was, unfortunately, the last time Dave bothered to share his girlfriend’s picture on social media.

As to the identity of that girl, the information is not available.

But years later, on June 2, 2019, Dave posted a picture on Instagram where he was holding a glass of wine. But, in the post, it appears that Dave was wearing an ornament on his ring finger, which many believe to be his wedding ring. Nonetheless, Dave hasn’t said anything about the ring, but it may be a hint to answer his marriage questions.

Marrying a paranormal expert like Dave Tango is risky as his line of work often imposes threat. But as of now, Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters is still single.

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