Ghost Adventures Cast & Crews

Ghost Adventures recently began its 22nd season on a high note with the latest episode of Territorial Enterprise. With the beginning of the new season, we can say the show, which began in 2008, is not stopping anytime soon.

Credit has to be given to the cast of Ghose Adventures for bringing out new heart-throbbing content every week for over a decade. The story, plot, concepts, and complimenting it with ridiculous camera angles are what’s keeping the program up and running.

Ghost Adventures, what initially began as a movie, ended up with 22 seasons and more to come, thanks to the minds of their talented cast and crew.

Starring Casts

Ghost Adventures kicks off its episodes with four paranormal experts. They are Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, and leading these gentlemen is Zak Bagans, the face of Ghost Adventures. While others joined the squad a year later, Zak and Aaron were the starring casts since the show’s beginning. (Provigil)


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Along with them used to be another casting member, also an executive producer, Nick Groff. Nick stayed with Ghost Adventures from 2008 to 2017 before producing his paranormal shows elsewhere.

Regardless, the current Ghost Adventures cast has Aaron Goodwin as the second paranormal investigator. Aaron had encounters with spirits of another realm since childhood which brought him to this field. For years, Aaron has seen and experienced esoteric behaviors affecting human lives, which he wishes to get in from people.

Jay Wasley is the vision for Ghost Adventures. Similarly, Wasley excels at making compelling cases visually understandable for the fans watching on tv. Although Jay is also one of the active cast members hunting for ghosts, he is mostly directing the camera works.

Staring Casts of Ghost Adventures cast and crews
Four paranormal experts of Ghost Adventures, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, and Zak Bagans.

Similarly, Billy Tolley is the one responsible for Ghost Adventures’s Audio/Video tech. Previously, Billy worked as a DJ at Las Vegas’s DJ Inferno and has garnered much experience working with sounds. His expertise in audio is of great value to the show as Billy can review audio evidence of spirits caught with electronic voice phenomena device. Unlike other casts, Billy is not a paranormal investigator.

Lastly, the brain and workhorse of Ghost Adventures are Zak Bagans. Zak locates haunted destinations and gives its haunted history before starting the episode. For decades, Zak has spent doing paranormal investigation from dusk to dawn. To date, Zak has spent 13 years with his creation using the latest tools to investigate reported paranormal cases and puts effort to reveal the truth behind every mysterious activity.

Recurring and Guest stars

Other than the cast members themselves, Ghost Adventures refreshes its viewers with celebrities as well. Some join Ghost Adventures with enthusiasm; others hope they can revert their skepticism regarding ghost shows.

Previously, the Ghost Adventures had recurring guest stars Bill Chappell (2010–2020) and Mark and Debby Constantino (2008-2014). Similarly, other guest celebrities include Brit Morgan, Post Malone, Chad Lindberg, etc.


The series Ghost Adventures is directed by Zak Bagans, Milton Lage, and Lauren Quinn. Similarly, the writing credits of this show go to Devin Lawrence, Jeff Belanger, Brittany Breen, and David Geberitt. Initially, Nick Groff co-created, co-written, and produced Ghost Adventures for 58 episodes.

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