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Matthew Anderson is an American TV personality popular for working on the reality TV series The Dead Files. Furthermore, many OG Dead Files fans consider him a fan-favorite as he has been in the series since the show’s start. Moreover, Matthew stayed for so long due to his vital role in getting things done every time. Matthew’s role on the show is to investigate the paranormal scene where he makes sure to create clear communicable pathways and get rid of any obstacles that might hamper the process for the show’s lead host, Amy Allan.

The TV star quickly became the show’s MVP, appearing on the screen for over 110 episodes. However, Mathew’s fans miss him lately after leaving the show in 2016, as he used to be one of the most recurring casts out of all. This left many people wondering what the Dead Files star is doing and what lies ahead of him in the near future.

Early Life

Matthew Anderson is a native Filipino born in Quezon City’s New Manila in the region of the Philippines. Mathew’s paternal mother’s name is Carol Anderson Delos Santos, whereas Matthew’s father’s name is unavailable. Soon after his birth, Matthew’s mom married another man named Bobby Delos Santos after separating from Matthew’s father.

Speaking of his siblings, Matthew has a step-brother named Ryan Delos Santos. Anderson, with his family, had spent his entire childhood in Quezon City’s  New Manila. Growing up in the Philippines, he was interested in reading comic books rather than anything related to the paranormal.

Age and Birthday

As of 2021, the former Dead Files cast is yet to reveal his exact age to the public media. Judging from his appearance, Matthew Anderson is maybe in his early 40s. Nonetheless, the Dead Files cast celebrates his birthday every year on the 15th of October, but his birth year is unavailable.

Matthew Anderson, member of the reality show, Dead files
Matthew Anderson, star of the reality TV series, The Dead Files.

There were rumors regarding the death of Matthew after leaving The Dead Files, but those rumors are wrong as he is still doing well in 2021.


Matthew Anderson finished his high school studies in the Philippines, where his school graduation came from Tucson High Magnet School. After that, Matthew went to the U.S. to enroll at the University of Arizona to finish his studies. There, his studies in Bachelor’s degree included the Japanese language, studio art, and digital painting. Finally, Matthew’s university graduation came in 2005.


Matthew’s life before fame has not been yet public, but we can confirm that he was doing some odd jobs soon after leaving college in the U.S. Previously, Matthew worked at Lardon Hall as well.

Nonetheless, Matthew finally began to shine on TV during 2011 as he was officially a cast of a reality TV series, The Dead Files. Though Matthew was neither spiritual investigator nor evidence collector, he still visited abandoned locations and paranormal sites as the primary show host’s assistant.

Generally, Matthew picks up random stuff and cleans up the site to help Amy do her spiritual interaction. Moreover, he is Amy’s right-hand man responsible for any technical difficulties Amy faces on set. Furthermore, he also carries a camera following Amy up to the scene to give fans a close view of what Amy goes through.

Anderson was continuously supporting Amy on the show for over 110 episodes from 2011 to 2016. After his farewell from the front, Mathew hasn’t been active in the TV industry anymore. Instead, Matthew is now making another career which he was looking forward since his childhood days.

Matthew is a proud writer and creator of some of his comic books working at the Repercussionists Comics. After leaving Dead Files, Matthew also focused on drawing and finally got a chance to have a professional life in the arts.

As well as a co-writer and creator, Matthew involves his own business as a net worth source. Currently, Matthew is the owner of EMMA enterprises.

Married Life

Matthew Anderson is not in a marital relationship with anyone but is dating a woman. But before that, Matthew was in a married relationship with The Dead Files star herself, Amy Allan.

Matthew and his ex-wife first met at Arizona University, where they happen to meet each other randomly. The former Anderson pair were initially friends and soon developed feelings for one another.

After dating for several years, Matthew and Amy were officially husband and wife in 2011. Moreover, it was the same year the Anderson couple did their TV appearance together as a team.

However, good things didn’t go too well for them as Amy and Matthew went separate ways in 2013. It was a shock to fans, especially after they know each other for so long, just to end like this in two years. As for a reason for their split, Amy and Matthew stated that it was simply due to irreconcilable differences. Furthermore, Amy didn’t bear any child with Matthew.

Although they were no longer a married couple, Amy and Matthew worked together in the same show until 2016. Thus, fans were relieved not to see Amy and Matthew end their relationship leaving a sour taste.

Matthew Anderson with his girlfriend, Jill Murelli
Star of Dead Files, Matthew Anderson, and his girlfriend, Jill Murelli.

Following his divorce, Matthew quickly backed up finding new love in the same year. Matthew is currently dating his girlfriend, Jill Murelli. His Facebook account reveals that Matthew and Jill are married. Unfortunately, Matthew and Jill are secretive about their personal life since Matthew is no longer connected to the TV. Nonetheless, reports claim that Matthew and Jill are currently living together in Denver, Colorado.

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