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With the final wrap-up of the 13th season in May 2020 with its last episode, Ghost Hunters Return to Waverly Hills, Ghost Hunters does not seem to make any return with a new season as of now. The recent series is the revival of Ghost Hunters, mostly with new casts. Though we may not see Kris Williams with this cast, people always remember her as one of them.

Fans of Ghost Hunters have been watching Kris since the beginning of the show till the ninth season before she quit. Many shocking events led Kris to leave Ghost Hunters, and the fans have been wondering what she is doing as of late.


Kris Williams celebrates her birthday every February 20, and her birth year falls on 1981. Hence, as of 2021, Kris has reached the age of 40.

Early Life and Education

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, the U.S., Kris Williams is a native of America. Moreover, her parents Bob Williams and Diane Williams, nicknamed her Bait when she was a child. Furthermore, Kris Williams grew up with a younger sibling.

As for her education, Kris studied at Alvirne High School and graduated from New Hampshire in 1999. Similarly, Kris studied Communications with Arts from Rivier College. Since a small child, Kris was interested in learning about the family’s genealogy, making this a career.


Initially, Kris was a flooring carpenter where she would install carpets on floors for her clients. She worked for almost three years with her father in this line of work. After that, Kris also worked on her father’s arm, and guns shop for a couple of years.

But in the mid-2000s, Kris transitioned her career into acting, making a debut in Clint Eastwood’s film Mystic River in 2003. Following this, Kris had specific roles in movies and documentaries: The Lady Red Trio, Jesus, Mary, and Joey, The Perfect Catch, and The Unauthorized Lady Red.

Till 2007, Kris was involved in movies, with her last film role being Zella in Diabolical Tales: Par II. But a year later, Kris joined the crew of the paranormal series Ghost Hunters. Likewise, Kris was also involved in the spin-off edition of Ghost Hunters named Ghost Hunters International.

While Kris’s cast members were paranormal experts, she was not. But this did not stop Kris from being one of the case managers.

Why Did Kris Williams Leave Ghost Hunters?

When asked about she would Kris consider returning to the revived Ghost Hunters show, she blatantly said no. The 40-year-old has no intention of returning to paranormal investigation nor tv shows in general. Kris revealed that like every other job in the world, investigating haunted locations felt like a routine task and that every place looked alike.

One would assume that Kris left the show as she got monotonous with her work. However, that’s not all, as Kris’s real reason for leaving the show was something else. In an interview in 2015, Kris revealed that she ended her contract with the show after one of her cast members cut her finger in a bloodletting ritual.

Kris Williams with her former team, Ghost Hunters
Kris Williams and Ghost Hunters.

What is Kris Williams Doing Now?

After leaving Ghost Hunters in 2012, Kris Williams has pursued her childhood career in Genealogy. Kris believes that it is essential to trace their family’s medical history to prevent or diagnose a disease early.

Moreover, Kris has turned herself into a lifestyle blogger by opening her website. Similarly, Kris is also a YouTuber who has nearly 8k subscribers.

Other than this, Kris has also made certain appearances on events organized by the Ghost Hunters cast. The latest one that Kris attended was back in 2016.

Kris Williams Net Worth

It is no doubt that Kris has accumulated vast wealth from being a cast of Ghost Hunters. The success of the show rewarded Kris with a handsome salary in each episode. (Ambien)

As of this year, Kris Williams has a net worth of well over $7 million. Apart from working in the entertainment industry, Kris has also earned social media sponsorships, blogs, and YouTube. Moreover, now and then, Kris advertises certain products through Youtube, which is readily available to buy from her website.

Kris Williams looking bold
Kris Williams, the former cast of Ghost Hunters.

Kris Williams Husband

Through Kris’s social media posts, we could confirm that she is dating a man she calls her boyfriend. Kris is dating an Australian military pilot who has his identity as Captain Wingit on Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, Kris also said that her boyfriend is an Australian OZ military pilot.


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A post shared by Kris Williams (@kriswilliams81)

In one of Kris’s YouTube videos, she and her boyfriend watched the Star Wars movie together and mentioned her boyfriend’s name as Jamie. At this time, Kris and her boyfriend are living in Australia.

However, some sources claim that Kris is married to Jamie. On her Twitter, Kris revealed that she walked down the aisle in Massachusetts on November 10, 2017. Some argue that the two lovebirds came across one another in American Samoa. Moreover, Kris is the stepmother of Jamie’s daughter of nine years.

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