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Stephen DiSchiavi or Steve DiSchiavi is a renowned actor best known as the paranormal investigator on The Dead Files. It has been almost a decade that Steve has been working in the reality TV series. However, not many are aware that Steve is a retired homicide detective who worked for NYPD. Moreover, this famous TV personality uses the veteran detective skills he built from his policeman experience to investigate the paranormal sites.

Age and DOB

Stephen Di Schiavi turned 55 years old in 2021 as he celebrated his birthday at the start of May. Moreover, Steve came to Earth on the 1st of May 1966 with Taurus as his horoscope.

Early Life

The Dead Files detective is indeed an American who was born as a Brooklyn native from New York. Furthermore, Steve lived in a Bensonhurst neighborhood in Brooklyn, where his parents raised most.

However, Steve’s family background and siblings’ information are still a secret as he doesn’t want to share his personal information for reasonable arguments.


Unfortunately, information regarding Steve’s education is significantly less as well. All we know is that the veteran retired police was studying at Lafayette High School until 10th grade but didn’t finish the year. Nonetheless, Steve seems to have enough education qualification standards as he served as a policeman for two decades.


Speaking of his career, Steve had success in two different professions. Before TV fame, he served as a policeman at the New York police department. Before that, Steve was also a member of the US Marine Corps with the honorable contribution of three years of service.


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After few years, Steve began shifting his career as a licensed NYPD homicide and earning a license as an armed bodyguard. With years of building experience as a detective in the professional field, Steve was able to open his own private detective company Paragon Investigations, in Ohio.

Years later, Steve’s retirement from NYPD saw him working in the Fraud Department of Merrill Lynch as a senior investigating task force.

Perhaps Steve wanted to show the skills he garnered over 21 years of professional investigation experience on tv, which led him to debut in the tv industry. Steve’s first tv appearance was in a 2005 documentary about the NYPD’s homicide department.

Moreover, this documentary brought Steve a different fanbase after some heroic works in his police days. The documentary also helped Steve get an offer from executive producer Jim Casey to work in The Dead Files. At last, Steve’s eagerness got the better of him and accepted the request, and the rest is history.

Steve DiSchiavi has been a vital part of the crew hunting ghosts at different paranormal sites for a decade now. Steve’s role is to collect evidence and remains of the site to discuss the key to the mystery later.

Steve DiSchiavi Married?

As of 2021, The Dead Files star lives a happy life with his wife and daughter in Florida. Furthermore, Steve is married to his wife, whose name is Angela. However, information about Angela is not available. Also, Steve and Angela’s marriage venue information and photos are not publicized. Sources guess that Steve must have tied the knot with Angela in 2020, just before the corona pandemic. However, Angela is not the first wife of Steve.

Steve was previously married to another woman but divorced after few years. Similarly, any information about Steve’s first wife is not available as Steve likes to stay quiet about it. However, there appeared to be images of a woman who seems to be very close to Steve. Her name was Morgan Fairchild, but as it turns out, she was just a friend. Furthermore, Steve was displeased as to how the internet quickly spread his fake relationship with his friend.

Steve DiSchiavi with his wife Angela
A renowned actor, Steve DiSchiavi with his wife Angela.

Does Steve Have Children?

Steve has done a great job keeping his family out of the spotlight. Thus, it is not yet confirmed how many children he has. For now, all we know is that Steve is the father to a daughter named Lauren. Some claim her to be Steve’s only child, which is likely to be true. Lauren is in her mid-20s studying at Wagner College in New York. Furthermore, she might be Steve’s child from his first marriage as he was recently tied with Angela.

Body Measurement

The 55-year-old investigator from The Dead Files has a prominent body figure with little overweight that suits a bodyguard’s body. Regardless, Steve stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches, weighing about 195 pounds.

Net Worth Income Sources

Speaking of his net worth, Steve’s income sources in earlier days used to be as an NYPD homicide. As an experienced investigator, Steve made a salary of $85,292 annually back then. Similarly, Steve makes a considerable income as the star of The Dead Files series. With great success from both fields, Steve has amassed a lavish amount of fortune. Hence, sources estimate that Steve’s net worth appears to be over $2 million as of 2021.

Steve DiSchiavi in Dead Files
Steve DiSchiavi in Dead Files with Amy Allan.

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