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Tanner Wiseman is an American TV personality famous primarily for Travel Channel’s TV series Destination Fear. However, before being an actor, Tanner was a part of the TV industry as a cameraman filming different shoots. As well as being the cast of his current series Destination Fear, Tanner is also the executive producer of the same show.

Most paranormal enthusiasts in America are familiar with Tanner Wiseman, who is very active on abandoned locations while working on a show. Fans got the first glimpse of the Destination Fear star during Dakota Laden’s documentary film Trail To Error. After his significant work in the TV industry, Tanner has thousands of fans across the U.S who are eager to see his real-life behind the scenes.


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Age and DOB

As of 2021, Tanner will be turning 29 after celebrating his birthday on the 26th of October. Tanner’s birthdate falls on the 26th of October and his birth year is 1992. It might be safe to say that Tanner’s career is in safe hands considering his age, especially after his recent rise in reputation as a TV figure.

Early Life

Tanner is an American born as a Lakeville native in Minnesota. Furthermore, Wiseman was born to William and Mary Kiwis, who are his father and mother, respectively. Moreover, Tanner grew up with two sisters, including Tianna and Tay, with Tay being the eldest. Thus, Tanner’s family consisted of five individuals.

Tanner loved to play with his cameras more often from a young age and slowly began to build a love for filmmaking. Furthermore, with his colleague and childhood friend Dakota, Tanner Wiseman was often involved in making comedy satire videos on YouTube. The pair of Tanner and Dakota is available together in old videos of Dakota’s YouTube channel Shortfilmzz123.

Tanner has also been interested in American football ever since watching the Minnesota Vikings football team play and making satires and short films.

As well as making videos, Tanner developed an enthusiasm for paranormal activities when he was in his teenage days. Furthermore, Tanner often brought a group of friends to visit different abandoned locations.

Education and Career

As Tanner was living in Minnesota for almost his entire life, he did his higher studies there. Tanner was doing his studies at Lakeville North High School, where he also played college-level football. Furthermore, Tanner was a part of his college team as a defensive lineman. After that, Tanner went to have an educational credential in marketing and business management from Augsburg University in Minneapolis.

Initially, Tanner started his professional life journey from different marketing sectors. In 2011, he was working as a Logistic Manager who was also associate of sales for Wise Choice Construction Inc. Moreover, his days at the company lasted for about three years.

After that, Tanner became an assistant for the Director of Travelling Picture Show Company as he pursued his interest in filmmaking. Before becoming Director’s Assistant, Tanner had links with Sports Authority as a Sales Associate as well. Also, in August of 2014, Tanner officially became Yeadon Fabric Domes Inc’s Account Executive.

While Tanner’s career in marketing and sales continued, he was busy in filmmaking as well. Tanner has worked on three different shows in the entertainment industry, primarily as a cameraman.

Is Tanner Wiseman Married?

Tanner Wiseman has left his fans waiting for him to reveal his wife or girlfriend. Furthermore, rumors started speculating Chelsea and Tanner about having a relationship. This rumor has happened ever since fans began noticing how Tanner and Chelsea were so close to each other since the show’s start.

However, rumors regarding Tanner and Chelsea got disproved after revealing that they share a close friendship since childhood.

But Tanner once revealed on Twitter that he was in a relationship with a woman named Hannah Ann. However, it seems that Hannah and Tanner have gone separate ways, and there is not much information on them. (Alprazolam)

Currently, it is safe to say that Tanner is single and has yet to mingle with someone. At 28 years of age, Tanner is occupied with his tv show shooting career. Furthermore, Tanner is active on social media, so it is only a matter of time before he unveils his lover.

Is Tanner Gay or Not?

Despite being in a relationship with a woman in the past, some fans speculate Tanner of being gay. This doubt arose since Tanner is often hugging his guy friends on social media. The picture of Tanner hugging his friend Alex also generated buzz about Tanner’s sexuality.

Regardless, as things stand, Tanner is heterosexual and prefers to date women. Moreover, since Tanner is yet to marry a woman, he does not have any children.

Tanner Wiseman
Tanner Wiseman, Cast member of Destination Fears.

Body Measurements

Tanner Wiseman is a tall American who stands tall with 6 feet and 3 inches of height. Moreover, the cameraman of Destination Star has a lean body figure with a moderate weight of 217 pounds.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As of now, Tanner is living his life in the modest way possible. It is no doubt that he had a great career in business marketing before turning his profession into TV.

After primarily working as an Account Executive, Tanner had an estimated income of $70k. Similarly, with Tanner’s Tv filmmaking career, his total net worth has amounted to be $500k as of 2021.

Tv Shows

Tanner Wiseman with his team of Destination Fear
A cast of Destination Fear as a camera director, Tanner Wiseman.

Tanner Wiseman, the paranormal enthusiast, has been working in the filming industry for almost a decade. His first work came as a cameraman in 2008, filming takes for Ghost Adventures. After that, Tanner was cast in a documentary film Trail to Terror in 2016. Currently, Tanner is a cast of Destination Fear as a camera director, shooting unbelievable angles since 2019.

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