Nick Groff is married to his wife, Tessa DelZoppo. Who is she?

People who are familiar with Nicholas ‘Nick’ Groff may find things interesting, wherein most people are scared of. The TV personality is widely known, especially among those who are intrigued with supernatural stuff as a paranormal investigator.

He became famous for his involvement in the reality television series, “Ghost Adventures” from the first season until the tenth season.

After his farewell to the series, he still continued showing in some shows and podcasts showcasing his experiences with supernatural beings. Being a paranormal investigator eventually allowed him to meet his current wife, Tessa DelZoppo.

Do you want to know how Nick Groff’s investigation of supernatural events introduced him to Tessa DelZoppo? Continue on reading this article as we reveal stuff behind Nick Groff’s marriages and learn who Tessa DelZoppo is and his ex-wife as well.

Nick Groff is married to his wife, Tessa DelZoppo, since 2021

Both Nick Groff and Tessa DelZoppo are widely known for their paranormal-related work, respectively.

The two were first seen together in an episode from the podcast series “A Night With A Medium” hosted by Tessa DelZoppo in January 2021. They supposedly continued their contact with each other after this.

The couple began to collaborate on their work with Nick Groff as the paranormal investigator and Tessa DelZoppo as the. Eventually, Nick’s Youtube channel was changed to ‘Tessa & Nick Groff’ as the couple married. The two of them started to share their paranormal investigation on a new youtube series titled “Groff Adventures”.

Each of them shared their marriage on social media on October 23, 2021. They got married at Salem WItch Board Museum, showcasing their fascination with their line of work. Due to their love for each other, they had their first child with last April 2022.


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Who is Nick Groff’s wife, Tessa?

Long before Tessa DelZoppo was married to Nick Groff, she already established a career as a medium. Unfortunately, details about Tessa’s exact birthdate are not yet published in the media.

Tessa DelZoppo claimed to see angels or figures after coming out of a major surgery at the age of 4. She has continually seen supernatural beings after this experience.

In an interview with G Crew, Tessa DelZoppo said her mother also had the same ability as her. Her mother guided her in understanding her ability throughout her youth.

She took a long time in getting her degree in education and master’s in clinical mental health counselling. That’s why it took her a leap of faith to pursue a career as a medium.

Aside from this, Nick Groff’s wife, Tessa, was a former aerialist and dancer in the entertainment industry. Therefore, it enabled her to reach an audience faster as a spirit communicator.

She started a podcast series titled “A Night With A Medium” on her youtube channel. After the pandemic, it was changed to ‘Tessa DelZoppo: LIVE! With The Other Side.

Moreover, did you know that before her marriage to Nick Groff, she already had kids? Her two sons were named Gian and Evan, who were younger than Nick Groff’s daughters. Further details about the father of her two sons were not publicly revealed.

Nick was previously married to his first wife, Veronique Roussel

Two out of five kids that Nick Groff has was born from his first marriage. Veronique Roussel was Nick Groff’s first wife and the mother of his two daughters.

Their names were Annabelle and Chloe. After their divorce, the two daughters were taken into the care of Nick Groff.

Anabelle and Chloe could be seen having a good relationship with their step-mother, Tessa DelZoppo, as what can be seen from their social media.

Photo of Nick Groff with her ex wife and their two daughters

Nick Groff and Veronique Roussel’s marriage started way back in their high school days. They supposedly became engaged as seniors in high school.

Eventually, they married each other on September 25, 2004. The couple lasted for 14 years before they decided to get a divorce. Little is known about the reason behind their divorce. None of the two spoke up about why.

Veronique Roussel was credited in the movie titled, “Malevolence” as a make-up artist way back in 2004. This movie involved a lot of participation from Nick Groff in various roles.

She assumedly works as a real estate agent at the moment. Aside from this, further details, such as the dating life of Veronique Roussel, were not publicly shared. She has kept a private life after being divorced from Nick Groff. We will update this information once we get an update, so stay tuned.

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