Jason Hawes Net Worth, Wife & Family

Who is Jason Hawes?

From plumbing to being one of the famous TV personalities, Jason Hawes has come a long way. Ever since experiencing countless paranormal happenings around him, Jason has dedicated his life to learn more about them and bring it in front of the people.

Jason has produced and participated in various tv shows related to supernatural beings, but he is renowned primarily for doing Ghost Hunters. Being one of the cast members and the co-producer of this show, Jason has made Ghost Hunters a flagship show on the SyFy network. (www.leankitchenco.com)

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) founder is busy with his new show, Ghost Nation. Being successful in the profession has not negatively impacted Jason Hawes as alongside being a millionaire, Jason also has a tightly-knit family.

Early Life

Jason Hawes, born as Jason Conrad Hawes, is a New Yorker who celebrates his birthday on the 27th of December and has the birth year of 1971. The now 49-year-old was initially from Canandaigua, New York. However, Jason’s family shifted to Warwick, Rhode Island, when he was eight.


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There is not much information regarding Jason’s education though some sources claim that he only has a high school education from Toll Gate High School. But we know that Jason crossed paths with his first paranormal experience when he had only finished his teenage days.

When Jason was 20, his then-girlfriend, a Reiki practitioner, tapped into Jason’s life force energy and introduced him to supernatural powers. Since then, Jason sought help from paranormal researchers like John Zaffis, who told him he was sensitive to metaphysical energies.

Is Jason Hawes Married to His Wife?

Jason Hawes has one of the successful marriages amongst his crew members. While members of his cast like Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley have jeopardized their marriage due to the risky profession, Jason seems to be having a healthy married life.

Jason Hawes with his wife, Kristen
Cast member and Co-producer of Ghost Hunters, Jason Hawes with his wife, Kristen Cornell.

As of now, Jason is the husband of his long-time wife, Kristen Cornell. It seems that Jason called for the wedding bell with Kristen on the 20th of May 1998. Hence, the Hawes couple has been married for nearly 23 years.

There were rumors around the place regarding the death of Kristen Cornell somewhere in 2013. However, it came to light that Kristen was close to dying but survived. During the Christmas of 2013, Kristen suffered from a brain infection that required immediate ICU treatment. But Kristen had a near-death experience at the time.

Family and Kids

So far, the Hawes family resides in Rhode Island with a massive number of members. As of now, Jason Hawes is the father of five children. The Hawes family includes three daughters, namely Samantha, Satori, and Haily, whereas Logan and Austin‘s twin sons.

The youngest daughter is Satori, born on the 20th of February 2018. Similarly, twins Logan and Austin were born at 12:19 A.M. and 11:55 P.M.

Jason Hawes looking happy with his twins sons
Jason Hawes and his twin sons, twins Logan and Austin.

Interestingly, Jason’s children are fascinated by their father’s work. Moreover, the fans of Ghost Hunters may have seen Jason’s children make cameo appearances in the show. So far, only Jason’s daughters have appeared in the 9, 10, and 11 seasons of Ghost Hunters.

Jason’s eldest daughter revealed that working with her father gave her enormous joy, although working in front of the camera was weird at first. Moreover, Samantha is an elementary school teacher and a qualified historian.

Net Worth

Jason Hawes has spent much of his career working in front of the camera. The ghost hunter has made many viewers captivated with the paranormal activities happening in the world.

Such enthralling content has helped Jason bring enormous wealth. As of 2021, Jason has accumulated a net worth of $3 million.

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