Who is Zak Bagans Wife? Girlfriend 2021 & Dating Life

Zak Bagans is an actor and TV personality from America. He is a full-time paranormal activities investigator and the star of the TV series Ghost Adventures. Zak was born in Washington DC but raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, by Larry Bagans and mom Nancy. A graduate of Glen Bard West HS, he always had a passion for storytelling and documentaries. His first documentary featured aired on the SciFi channel in 2007 by the name Ghost Adventures. Today, the show has aired more than 20 seasons and is one of the most enjoyed shows in the non-fiction category in America.

Since many articles cover the biography of the actor Zak Bagans, we’ll only discuss his wife, girlfriend, and dating life in this one. Let’s begin.


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Is Zak Bagans Married to Wife?

Zak has never openly talked about his future plans on marriage. The actor is not married yet in 2021. Previously, the media tied him with some famous names like Holly Madison.

Zak had dated another lady named Christine back in 2013. Christine was a ‘My Space’ model who featured many recognized brands like Playboy and Axe deodorants in advertisements. The duo dated for some months and separated in the same year. We have reported that the ex-girlfriend of the Ghost Adventures star passed away in 2017 because of liver failure.

Moreover, Zak also dated Ashley Malley back in 2014. The duo was pretty close, and they even exchanged engagement rings. However, their relation stuck in the engagement phase, and the pair separated after some months of the ceremony.

Zak Bagans Girlfriend 2021

To date, Zak Bagans has dated many gorgeous women. Some media outlets also tag him as ‘playboy’ for the same reason. He was in a serious relationship with the model and TV personality Holly Madison since May 2019. The couple attended many events together and frequently appeared in public.

Since their break up in February 2021, the actor is single. Thus, he has no girlfriend currently.

Holly Madison and Zak Bagans Relationship

In 2019, Zak was visiting a Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. There, he met the star of The Girls Next Door, Holly Madison. Holly has recently got out of her former married life. (Xanax) Soon after the meeting, the duo started dating. The actress also made many affectionate comments on Zak’s official Instagram handle during their relationship. Furthermore, we can find many pictures of the celeb attending shows and events together.

Zak Bagans and his Ex-gitlfriend, Madison
An actor and TV personality, Zak Bagans, and his Ex-girlfriend, Madison.

Recently in February 2021, the couple announced their breakup. The reason for the break-up is not apparent as both the stars have not spoken about it. The couple spent two beautiful years in their relationship, and many believed that they would marry each other.


There are rumors all over the internet about Zak Bagans having a daughter. We want to confirm that the information is false. Let alone having a daughter; Zak has never come close to marriage. However, he does have a dog named Gracie.

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