Dakota Laden Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Gay, Career

Dakota Laden has made himself a massive personality at a young age. This youngster is a TV personality, filmmaker, and film producer, who has worked with stars like Vin Diesel and Micheal Cane.

Although Dakota is young as a filmmaker in the industry, one should not underestimate his talent. OUt of many TV shows, fans know him well through a documentary film named Trail to Terror and his TV appearance in Destination Fear.

Dakota’s talent is not only limited to TV sets, but he is also a renowned YouTube celebrity as of now. Dakota has become a recognizable figure across the U.S. and has a prominent spot in the entertainment industry at such a young age.

But apart from massive success in front of the screen, Dakota’s real-life behind it is often a topic of discussion.

Dakota Laden Wiki Career

Entertainment has been a part of Dakota’s life since childhood. Since the age of twelve, young Laden has been entertaining people, initially as a Youtuber since July 22, 2008.


Dakota has two YouTube channels, where one channel goes by the name Shortfilmzz123, and the other is Dakota Laden. While his latter channel has 11k subscribers, Dakota hasn’t been active since 2017. On the other hand, Dakota’s Shortfilmzz123 has almost 65k subscribers. Furthermore, Dakota’s content is mostly about short comedy films and some announcements regarding his movies.


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Along with his YouTube career, Laden was active in reality shows from a young age as well. In 2011, Dakota made his appearance at the Ghost Adventures Mashup, ultimately winning the competition. Furthermore, the competition saw Dakota use his skills to crack Old Charleston Jail Investigation. Years later, Dakota again visited Ghost Adventures, but this time was working off-screens as a cameraman in 2017.

Speaking of his filmmaker profession, Dakota had a blast directing the documentary film Trail to Terror in 2016. Furthermore, Dakota was also a lead character in the same film. Unlike his YouTube videos, Dakota was doing horror instead of comedy.

Dakota’s Linkedin profile reads that he was also involved as a production assistant at Lions Gate from 2015 to 2021.


Furthermore, Dakota’s career on the big screen also includes his works in Last Witch Hunter in 2015 and Allegiant in 2016. As for the TV appearance, Dakota gained prominence as the main cast in the TV series Destination Fear, which has been airing since October 26, 2019. In this show about paranormal activities, Dakota and his fellow teammates hunt ghosts in different locations.

Dakota Laden in Destination Fear
Youngstar Tv Personality, Dakota Laden with the team of Destination Fear.

Dakota Laden Net Worth & Income Sources

It is no doubt that Dakota has had a swell career at a young age. Being a professional actor and filmmaker has indeed brought him colossal wealth. After review, sources estimate that his net worth is somewhere in the range of $1 million to $3 million. This also includes the earnings that Dakota made from his YouTube channels. However, a massive chunk of fortune is thanks to Dakota’s tv shows.

Age and Birthday

Dakota is a Lakeville native-born in Minnesota, the U.S. Furthermore, as of 2021, Dakota Laden will be turning 26 on November 18, 2021. His parents Rob Laden and Polly Laden gave birth to him in 1995.

Furthermore, the star of Destination Fear grew up with four siblings in Lakeville, Minnesota. The names of the three sisters go by Mykenna, Isabella, Chelsea, and his brother’s name is Travian.

Gay Rumors

It was a surprise to the filmmaker himself after rumors circulated on the internet regarding Dakota’s sexuality. While some people might have jokingly guessed that Dakota might be gay, some can confirm it. Dakota’s sexuality created a buzz due to him not sharing his love life more often.

Moreover, as Dakota is famous, he is prone to have haters and doubters. So, as an insult, many of his critiques called him gay. Moreover, on December 14, 2012, Dakota called out a hater on Twitter and announced it clear that he is not gay. Since then, rumors about Dakota being gay were quickly degrading after his tweet that time.

Recognizable figure, Dakota Laden is not a gay
Dakota Laden.

Was Dakota Laden Married to His Wife?

As it turns out, Dakota is not very comfortable sharing his dating life with the public. As a result, Dakota has done a great job keeping his love life away from the media. Even still, there is some information about his past girlfriend.

Dakota has a history of dating a couple of girls, but he has yet to engage or marry anyone. The most recent news about Dakota’s girlfriend dates back to 2015.

The name or any picture of Dakota’s girlfriend is not yet available. But Dakota confirmed the news on March 15, 2015, when Dakota tweeted, saying he finally split up with his girlfriend. Moreover, Dakota also revealed that the reason for parting ways with his secret girlfriend was because he found her cheating on him for five months.

Before this failed relationship, Dakota was having an affair with another girl named Rachel Ulrich. Rachel was Dakota’s girlfriend during his high school days. However, Dakota and Rachel split up soon after for unknown reasons but still maintained a good relationship. Sadly, news came out that Rachel is no longer alive as she died on April 24, 2012. Dakota also expressed his condolence and grief on Twitter, saying Rachel was a great person to be around and was sad after hearing the news.

Currently, it appears that Dakota Laden might be single, and if he is not, Dakota doesn’t want to share anything with the public.

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