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Who is Adam Berry?

Adam Berry is a TV personality primarily famous due to the TV show Ghost Hunters. Over the years, Adam Berry has captured TV viewers’ attention thanks to his paranormal investigating skills. Ever since suffering a haunting experience in Pennsylvania, Adam has decided to dedicate his life to demystifying paranormal activities. Luckily, the winner of Syfy’s competition show, Ghost Hunters Academy, got a space to work with the Ghost Hunters’ crew.

Not only that, but the Ghost Hunter cast’s works also include as a musical theatre performer, executive producer, and cabaret singer. Hence, Berry’s massive talent in various fields is why people consider him one of the great talents the American entertainment industry has to offer.


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Adam Berry turned 38 years in 2021 as Adam celebrates his birthday on March 9 of every year. This Ghost Hunter cast comes from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and was born in 1983.

Early Life

Adam spent much of his early childhood days in his hometown of Alabama itself, but the whole family shifted places later. However, information about Adam’s parents is still kept out of sight as Adam maintains a low profile status about his family. However, it has come to light that Adam grew up with a brother named Lucas Berry.


After shifting places from Alabama to Boston, Adam completed his college course. Adam holds an undergraduate degree in Musical Theatre, which he got from the Boston Conservatory. When Adam is away from hunting ghosts, he becomes Peregrine Theatre Ensemble’s executive director.

Having the desire to leave an impression in the theatrical field, Adam became the board of directors member for a non-profit scholarship program for music, art, literature, and filmmaking known as Tim’s Fund.

Paranormal Haunting

Nonetheless, the event that took place in Adam’s childhood was what made him the man he is today. Adam claims to have had an early paranormal interaction at the age of nine. Previously in Alabama, Adam saw an unusual creature much like a ghost dog that kept scratching on his house’s wall. Later, Adam also noticed his TV glowing even when the cable was unplugged.

Traumatized by this experience, the Berry family went on to move to Boston. But the hunger for wanting to know of such activities is what brought Adam to ghost hunting.

Adam Berry Net Worth

After years of success as a TV host, paranormal investigator, and producer, Adam Berry has accumulated a great deal of fortune. As of 2021, sources estimate that Adam generates a net worth in a range of $1 million to $5 million.

Adam Berry with his co-host, Amy Bruni of the show, Kindred Spirits
Adam Berry and his co-host, Amy Bruni of the show, Kindred Spirits.

Much of Adam’s wealth comes from Ghost Hunters, a popular show running since 2004. But apart from this, Adam is also the co-producer of the show Kindred Spirits and Amy Bruni.

Adam Berry Married Life

Adam is one of those celebrities who openly admit to being gay. Moreover, Adam has remained gay from the beginning of his career and never married a woman in life.

However, this homosexual personality is in a marital relationship with Benjamin Griessmeyer. Benjamin, or Ben, is also an accomplished actor, producer, and founder of Shakespeare on the Cape. Ben completed a B.F.A. Actor Training Program from the University of Minnesota. Appearing in movies now and then and developing others’ characters is what Ben does best.

Adam Berry With his partner Ben
A Paranormal investigator, Adam Berry With his partner Ben.

Regardless, Ben and Adam were in a relationship for a couple of years until, after their marriage on August 22, 2012, a year before same-sex marriage saw its daylight. Rumors say that Ben met Adam during one of the theatrical shows.

The year 2021 marks the 9th Anniversary of Ben and Adam’s marriage. However, Adam and Ben are yet to adopt a child of their own, although they own two chihuahuas named Cheeto and Maria. Ben, Adam, and their two pets are currently living together in the U.S.

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