Steve Gonsalves Wife, Net Worth, Weight Loss, and Wiki Bio

Ghost Hunters remains the pinnacle of paranormal shows, and the show’s casts are the ones to thank. Among the rest of the crew, Steve Gonsalves has specific skills which make him one of the beloved ghost hunters.

Steve Gonsalves has made an impression of being an American TV personality and rose to fame ever since appearing in Ghost Hunters. Fans could get an insight into Steve’s investigating skills and technology expertise that made him a hit in the television series.

While Steve has appeared in many different shows like Ghost Hunter Academy and Destination Truth, his performance in Ghost Hunters remains best. However, though the show is still running, Steve is now a cast member of Ghost Nation. Some may have also seen Steve in a documentary named Haunting on Finn Road.

Other than Steve’s professional life, his personal life is equally intriguing. Furthermore, Steve’s relationship status and his current appearance are sure to impress his followers.

Film producer, Steve Gonsalves
Ghost Hunters cast and film producer, Steve Gonsalves.

Early Life and Education

Steve Gonsalves is a New Bedford native from America whose home state is Massachusetts. Although Steve was born in New Bedford, he spent most of his childhood in Philadelphia at Pennsylvania state.

Similarly, Steve celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of October, and his birth year fell in 1975. Hence, as of 2021, Steve Gonsalves has reached the age of 46.

Many people may or may not know that Steve’s relationship with paranormal activities began at 15. At the time, Steve started searching for any supernatural events, and he had a team with a similar vision by 20.

What’s not available is Steve’s education status as sources believe he only had formal education at La Rosière primary school. But right at the beginning of Steve’s career, he was a police officer before becoming a TV personality. But the moment he changed his profession to paranormal investigating, Steve had a chance to meet famous paranormal pioneer Dr. William G. Roll. Steve could also work with him at the Rhine Research Center.

Net Worth

At 46 years of age, Steve has already accumulated considerable net worth. Moreover, most of Steve’s wealth came from tv shows only. Reports have it that Steve Gonsalves has made a fortune of $1 million as of 2021.

Married Life

Unfortunately, details regarding Steve’s marriage life are still kept as his most precious secret. On Instagram, where he has over 67k followers, Steve can be seen sharing plenty of pictures about his work but not once with his lover.

Steve, the executive producer, must be aware of the flaws of getting his family into the spotlight. Thus, Steve frequently dodges questions regarding his dating life and affairs. Furthermore, Steve’s line of work also imposes a threat to his family as it happened to his crewmates.

As of now, the sources cannot figure out if Steve is in a relationship or not. But as far as we know, Steve is not yet engaged as a ring in his ring finger is still missing.

Steve had a deep love for his high school love of his past relations, Alyce Haynes. But the former Gonsalves couple was very private and stayed away from the spotlight. Thus, other than the information of Steve parting ways with Alyce in 2014, there is not much information on them. Similarly, neither Steve nor Alyce gave the reason for their breakup.


One significant difference the OG fans would notice about Steve would be his change in physical appearance.

Film producer, Steve Gonsalves
Ghost Hunters cast and film producer, Steve Gonsalves before weight loss.

Many have known that Steve Gonsalves was overweight in the past. Over the years, Steve was a huge fan of eating foods with sugar contents. However, Steve then declined his sugars once he noticed his abnormal weight gain. The producer, and actor of Ghost Hunter, began applying a training plan involving his weight with a strict sugar-free diet.

Throughout the journey of his weight loss, Steve continuously posted his signs of progress. Though Steve often recalled his time at the gym as the worst nightmare and his sugar-free diet a pure dissatisfaction.

After years of progress since 2010, Steve didn’t give up on losing weight and continued following his plans and advice from his health instructor. Now, after almost a decade, Steve has a slight change in his overall figure. (Phentermine) With 5 feet 11 inch height, Steve has maintained his weight at 76 kilos.

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