Barry Fitzgerald (Investigator) Wiki, Biography, and Facts

Barry Fitzgerald is an Irish author and a paranormal investigator famous for his work on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International. Furthermore, the TV star has been the lead investigator in the paranormal investigative TV shows for years.

Barry’s significant experience and his fantastic vision as an investigator are why he’s famous. With his impressive skills, the exceptional professional investigator managed to become a super hit among TV viewers and boosted the score ratings. Not only that, but Barry has a fair amount of widely accepted books under his name, making him even more famous.

After garnishing thousands of fans primarily from his TV appearances, people wonder what Barry is up to now that the series of Ghost Hunters International is over. However, Barry seems to stay low in public status as much as possible for reasonable opinions. Thus, not much information is publicly available on Barry’s life.

Early Life

Barry Fitzgerald, the paranormal expert, is a Lisburn native from Northern Ireland. With his childhood days mostly spent at Lisburn, Barry had more than just a few ghostly encounters at a very young age.

After meeting unusual incidents more than once, Barry became interested in investigating the root cause of such incidents. As Barry grew up, he did investigations that eventually led him to an operating paranormal society in Ireland.

However, reliable sources are less regarding Barry’s past life. Till date, there is no source claiming Barry’s highest qualification level.


After an impressive contribution to the paranormal society in Ireland, The Atlantic Paranormal Society came knocking at Barry’s doors. After that, TAPS also gave him an offer to join their team alongside his current society. Hearing this information, Barry officially became a member of two different parts of society, and the rest is history.

Ghost Hunters

His most significant career came as a TV personality featuring in the show Ghost Hunters in 2006. Barry’s debut came in his introductory episode name Attack of the Irish Elemental. However, Barry went on a hiatus from the season till 2007 where he was making few appearances in the show.

Barry Fitzgerald with Ghost Hunters
The paranormal expert and investigator, Barry Fitzgerald, and casts of Ghost Hunters.

But his big break came in 2008, finally starring the spin-off series Ghost Hunters International as a lead investigator of the starring cast team. Barry was a part of the show, which went on-air on the 9th of January in 2008 and took place in different parts of Europe. Furthermore, Barry made a total of 56 appearances, which is every episode, of the series as a co-leader alongside Kris Williams and Robb Demarest.

After being in the franchise for more than four years, Barry left the series to pursue his future career as an author and a photographer.

Author and Photographer

Barry’s unusual turn to a whole new different career appears to have been his childhood dream. From his childhood, Barry had taken up a liking in writing books and using cameras.

Before his 30 years of experience as a paranormal experience in a professional field, Barry had written many books. Some of his creative writings include The Complete Approach ($14.99), The Influence, Searching the SĂ­dhe ($18.76), and Banshee ($20), among many other. Furthermore, Barry’s best works in books include the world of fiction with a trilogy series of books named The Council Of Three, Fracture, and The Malice of Darkness.

Being a photographer, Barry also has captured some peaceful sceneries while in Europe. Moreover, Barry opened a gallery exhibition of his own in 2011 in Lviv city of Ukraine. (

Life after Ghost Hunters

With his professional over as a TV celebrity, Barry took Irish History and Lore study classes. His further appearances were in documentaries such as The Serpents Mound, The Star that Fell, The Mysterious Bodies of Peru Pt1, etc.

Similarly, Barry was also working on Neothelic Tombs, but a strange rumor quickly spread about him. The word speculates Barry to be missing in 2016. However, later he went to the podcast of Stirring the Cauldron hosted by Marla Brook, where he disclosed that all those are false.

Net Worth

With over a fair amount of books and photography collection, one would assume Barry has a significant net worth. Working for the Ghost Hunter series has brought Barry enormous wealth back in the days. Also, after a successful career in books sales and gallery exhibitions, the tv star has accumulated a large amount of fortune.

Sources estimate Barry’s net worth to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million as of 2021.

Barry Fitzgerald
Former Cast of Ghost Hunters and investigator, Barry Fitzgerald.

Personal Life

Even after building a prominent status in the TV industry’s Ghost Hunter series, Barry has still managed to keep his personal life away from the public. Not even one source could confirm where Barry lives now and if he’s in a relationship or not. Furthermore, Barry doesn’t exist on any widely used social platforms except when he had a Twitter account, but the account no longer exists. Thus, we couldn’t get anything about Barry Fitzgerald’s personal life.


As of 2021, Barry might be turning 49 years old. Although Barry’s exact date of birth is not available, the Irish was born in 1972.

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