Jay Wasley Net Worth, Age, Wiki

Ghost Adventures cast member, Jay Wasley

The reason people watch Ghost Adventures on TV is because of its heart-stopping content. But the reason why the show has been at its top game is because of cinematic directions and sound effects by casts like Jay Wasley. Jay Wasley started getting attention ever since he joined Ghost Adventures during its fourth season. Although … Read more

Jason Hawes Net Worth, Wife & Family

The famous tv personalities, Jason Hawes

Who is Jason Hawes? From plumbing to being one of the famous TV personalities, Jason Hawes has come a long way. Ever since experiencing countless paranormal happenings around him, Jason has dedicated his life to learn more about them and bring it in front of the people. Jason has produced and participated in various tv … Read more

Adam Berry Farm, Net Worth, Wife, Wiki

A TV personality from Ghost hunters, Adam Berry

Who is Adam Berry? Adam Berry is a TV personality primarily famous due to the TV show Ghost Hunters. Over the years, Adam Berry has captured TV viewers’ attention thanks to his paranormal investigating skills. Ever since suffering a haunting experience in Pennsylvania, Adam has decided to dedicate his life to demystifying paranormal activities. Luckily, … Read more

Is Dave Tango from “Ghost Hunters” Married to Wife? Net Worth, Wiki

American TV personality, Dave Tango

Who is Dave Tango? Ghost Hunters has become a major paranormal show due to various reasons. Apart from heart-stopping moments, cast members like Dave Tango are the reason for the show’s longevity. Dave Tango is a famous American TV personality who has spent his entire life, solving mysteries revolving around paranormal activities. The mixture of … Read more

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