Is Ghost Adventures Real or Fake? 

Most people have opposing thoughts regarding paranormal activities; some consider it accurate, while others believe it’s fake. But not everyone can deny that certain spirits in the world are abnormal and unexplainable. ( There are thousands of cases of people reporting unusual happenings around their environment. At times like this, reality shows like Ghost Adventures risk bringing forth such cases in front of live television to the fans.

While there are many ghost hunting shows, none come close to Ghost Adventures as it has already established itself as the pinnacle. With over 20 seasons and hundreds of highly-rated episodes, Ghost Adventures is the A show. But with enormous success comes criticisms of equal caliber as well.

Generally, people refrain from believing that ghosts can appear on live tv shows. For years, entertainment industries have fabricated haunting stories that have tarnished the genuine nature of these tales. Hence, Ghost Adventures has had many people thinking about whether it is real or fake. So far, all the evidence suggests that Ghost Adventures is as authentic as they say.

Cast and Production Crew

One of the reasons Ghost Adventures sees its success is due to star-studded cast members who have years of experience in paranormal investigations. Led by the famous Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures has starring cast members including Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, and former member Nick Groff. While Zak, Billy, Aaron, and Nick began since the show’s onset in 2008, Jay Wasley came into the scene in 2011.

The common thing that all these men have is the early experience of supernatural energies. Moreover, all these gentlemen had the same goal of identifying spirits around us and keeping only the good ones. To bring their mission on tv, a production company named MY Tupelo Entertainment gave them Ghost Adventures.

Former cast Nick Groff and current cast Zak Bagans were the producers and executive producers of the show. Joining them on the production list are Daniel A. Schwartz, Joe Townley, and Michael Yudin.

So far, Ghost Adventures has cracked up 24 seasons in 13 years.

Casting Members of Ghost Adventures
Team of the show Ghost Adventures.


The expert casts of Ghost Adventures use various modern technologies while in the mission. These gadgets are legitimate tools that detect and help communicate with spirits. While on the show, we can see the investigators use a noisy device called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). This is key for any paranormal investigators to capture the voices of supernatural beings of another dimension. Noises that come from an EVP are static noises and sometimes, at the correct instance, can capture voices as a frequency.

Is Ghost Adventures Real or Fake?

What began as a movie ended up ruling the tv for more than a decade. But the reason for Ghost Adventure’s longevity is that it claims that the stories are based on actual events. Whatever content they put up on the show is legitimate with occasional editing.

There are many instances where professional reporters have become a part of the show’s team and experienced the truth themselves. For example, a reporter from Arizona experienced it first hand when she was doing a news story at The 1910 Gila County Jail. The site is famously known as a haunted jail in Arizona.

The reporter was conducting an interview with the caretaker of the jail during Halloween when she heard someone say “yeah” from a distance. Unfortunately, this reporter had her GoPro turned off, so there is no footage of it. But the caretaker of the jail, Molly Cornwell, mentioned that many incidents like this had taken place for ages. Since then, Zak Bagans of the Ghost Adventures began investing in this jail as well.

Similarly, the People magazine’s famous journalist, Julie Jordan, also became a part of the Ghost Adventures team for a Utah case of paranormal investigation. Julie is skeptical and does not believe in paranormal activities, but upon joining the squad, she explained how bone-chilling it was working in specific locations.

Other than this, the famous singer Post Malone once became the victim of these spirits. While visiting Zac’s museum, Post Malone opened the dybbuk box, which brought him enormous curses for a week. Malone had his house robbed, airplane tire issues, and near-death experience.

Zac, himself, has been badly sick after an investigation while his mate Aaron had to divorce due to a ghost possessing his body.


However, others joined the Ghost Academy cast members and felt nothing but the whole idea to be fake. Joe Strecker, a journalist for the Portland Mercury, wrote about his experience with Zac and his team while on a tour of Portland at a location known as Shanghai Tunnels. Joe has experience working for Portland Walking Tours and was very familiar with the story of Shanghai Tunnels.

While in here, Joe noticed how the Ghost Adventures team operated and said that most of their investigation saw Zac yelling and pointing gadgets at walls and air in the hopes of finding spirits. To the gadget’s peculiar sounds, Zac would further say, ‘Hello? Yes?’ to add to that effect. Hence, Joe and people like him don’t hesitate to call these shows a bluff.

But paranormal experts like the Ghost Adventures casts have been working on this for years and have seen and experienced numerous risks. So, to answer whether Ghost Adventures is real or fake, it seems that the reality of existing spirits is in the eye of the beholder.

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